Volume 27

Issue 1

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Increased Levels of Kynurenic Acid in the Cerebrospinal Fluid in Patients with Hydrocephalus

Kepplinger B., Baran H., Kronsteiner C., Reuss J.

Neurosignals 2019;27;1-11

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000095

Postpartal Neural Plasticity of the Maternal Brain: Early Renormalization of Pregnancy-Related Decreases?

Lisofsky N., Gallinat J., Lindenberger U., Kühn S.

Neurosignals 2019;27;12-24

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000105

The Link Among Neurological Diseases: Extracellular Vesicles as a Possible Brain Injury Footprint

Ciccocioppo F., Lanuti P., Centonze D., Miscia S., Marchisio M.

Neurosignals 2019;27;25-39

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000116

1,25(OH)2D3 in Brain Function and Neuropsychiatric Disease

Lang F., Ma K., Leibrock C.

Neurosignals 2019;27:40-49

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000182

When the Brain Yearns for Oxygen

Leu T., Schützhold V., Fandrey J., Ferenz K.

Neurosignals 2019;27:50-61

HTML PDF https://doi.org/10.33594/000000199